About us

Who are we?

To us, a client is a business partner, and our partners success is reflecting in the quality of the services offered by us. Therefore, we want to know which kind of problems do you experience when you try to find oversized transport solutions.

BEB Trans is your trusted partner when it comes to safety and professionalism in the area of transportation.

We are making ourselves noticed by the quality of our services, by showing seriousness and by respecting our promises to our clients from around the world. We consequently believe in professionalism and we hold fast our promises for our activity.

Our mission

The BEB Trans company was created as a response to the needs from the transport market. One of our missions is to offer immaculate services to our clients. Our team responds to any chellenge and makes sure that every collaboration ends successfully.

Our vision

The oversized transport is an area that needs numerous and complex services. We wish to become leaders and true examples in this area, offering quality services. Also, our fleet and team are in continuous growing, so ve can honor more and more orders.

Our goals

The main goal of the company is to develop continuously, to create sustainable relationships with our clients. Our team is trained continuously, both professionally and in in customer relationships, to reflect professionaism and seriousness.

Why choose BEB Trans?

Our experience over 15 years and the passion with which we face every order are just two things that recommend us!

Certified Trucks

Our trucks and trailers are constantly being analyzed to provide our customers with a quality service.

Quality services

Customer satisfaction is important to us, so we offer exceptional services for a successful collaboration.

Fast delivery

BEB Trans provides its customers with fast and efficient transport solutions. For us, safety is the best asset.

Over 18 years of experience

Over the 18 years of experience, we have constantly evolved and we have been self-indulged from year to year.

International transport

We perform both internal and international transport on the territory of Romania and in the northern countries.

Safe handling of the goods

The BEB Trans team is specialized and trained in carefully and safely handling the goods.

Our services:

We offer you complete solutions in the field of oversized transport, both in Romania and foreign countries. We constantly focus on developing logistics and transporting solutions for areas of the most diverse. The BEB Trans company develops and improves its fleet of trucks and trailers so you can benefit of high quality services. We are at your service with personalized transporting solutions, which will be accomplished in full safety. Our objective is to offer efficiency, reduced costs and transport solutions adapted to any situation.

Authorizations for transport

We will make sure that every authorization is all right and ready to carry out the transport. Thereby, the goods will be delivered safely.

Civil escorts

For special transports, we offer civile escorts. Such a solution will ofer protection and safety during the oversized transport.

Road study

In case of a transport on a special route, our team will perform a road study, well documented, according to the rules in force.

Oversized transport

We have trucks such as Scania, Man, Mercedes 4×2, 6×2, 6×4, 8×4 and trailers such as Goldhofer, Broshuis, Nooteboom, Faymonville, Van Hool, Cometto, Krone with 3, 4, 5 and 6 axis, extensible.


With our team, your goods will be delivered fast and safely!

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